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71% percent of couples consider wedding planning to be extremely stressful and it’s perfectly ok to be a part of that majority. What’s not ok, is going through this life changing experience without the proper guidance.

Shradha WTB is an accomplished speaker, best-selling author and coach who has dedicated her life to the mission of strengthening the relationships and marriages of today. Her originally designed F.A.I.T.H. System has helped to coach newlyweds through the stress and anxieties of wedding planning while tightening the bond between bride & groom.

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Individual and Relationship Coaching

✔ Reduce the strain on your relationship due to the planning process.
✔ Prevent decision fatigue.
✔ Avoid agonizing over minuscule wedding features.
✔ Deal with the lack of support from parents, bridesmaids, or groomsmen.
✔ Keep the wedding planning stage romantic and exciting.

✔ Communicate effectively with your partner, in-laws, relatives and wedding party to ensure the longevity of your relationships.
✔ Peacefully come to agreements between your partner and soon-to-be in laws.
✔ Grow closer throughout this transformative experience that will commence the start of your new life.