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Don't Take Our Words! Hear What They Say About Us.

We decided to utilize Shradha’s coaching services when things started going in the wrong direction after our planning began for our wedding. We wished we would have reached out in the beginning, but we are grateful we did, nonetheless. She helped us and our family in many situations that were to come, but mostly afterwards. After the wedding there were many emotions that engulfed us. The rise and fall of such a beautiful yet crazy lifetime event, was an emotional roller coaster. Luckily, we signed up for her post-wedding coaching too. As many fears, emotions and tribulations occurred, she lead with impeccable grace and mercy on all levels. Highly recommended! We love you for all that you are to us and all the lives you enrich, Shradha.
Working with Shradha was a sheer joy. Her services were something my wife and I didn’t even know existed or were even needed. We opted to take on her coaching immediately after our wedding and continued for several months. We feel this experience was surprisingly helpful because it helped us foresee things that she spoke of from experience, that we couldn’t even have imagined was ahead of us. With that being said, she gave us the skills and direction for unforeseen situations, which helped us understand the importance of equal communication in a wonderful and long-lasting partnership. We were happily met with her desire to assist and we have since been able to utilize the life skills she has passed on to us, to further enrich our love for each other. Thank you so much Shradha.
I want to take the time to express my feelings about my working relationship with our Coach Shradha. Immediately when I was approached about this idea, I thought it seemed quite ridiculous. After some thought, I chose to accept her services. I realized her coaching must have some kind of value due to the nature of its content. Let me tell you, it’s been the best investment. The saying, “you don’t know, what you don’t know”, is perfect to this equation. She was able to direct and guide us in ways we did not see coming and not only direct us but help predict certain scenarios and adapt with ease. There was a series of commitment phobias that were occurring during our planning and navigating of such an important event of our lifetime. She was able to really direct and guide us in the most empathetic way through her studious nature and her own very personal experiences. We highly recommend her to anyone who will be encroaching a lifetime of fulfilment through the most serious of matrimony in life’s journey of happiness.
When my family and I were approached about an additional coaching package within our wedding planner, we initially didn’t understand this concept. After seeking more info we were profoundly impressed about this ‘hidden concept’. We met with Shradha and quickly realized there was genuine interest and concern for our future, but not only for us, our parents too. The whole process of becoming one through such an event can seem overwhelming in itself. There were times we were considering how our parents were going to be able to overcome the future hurdles of everything that is encumbered with such a momentous event. After finally being open to the whole process of a Coach creating Wedding Awareness, we realized it was the best decision ever. Shradha really is a true gem and was there for us each and every step of the way. Thank you so much for your guidance, predictions and intelligence during our very special event. You are appreciated!